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Oh my

Princeton University’s, Business Today magazine has published an article entitled, “Spirituality in the Workplace,” written by MMC, Inc.’s, CEO Mashi Rahmani. The article is in the Spring 2009 issue of America’s largest student-run publication at Princeton University.  Many business leaders have their opinion of how to attain business success, but for Rahmani, business success comes from those … Continue reading

Green Celebration!

        Today is the 39th year of environmentalism and activism for Earth Day. Earth Day is a day of service and a great opportunity to get involved in community clean-up projects. Many environmentalists, for whom every day is Earth Day, scoff at the holiday. They claim that the mostly symbolic day encourages … Continue reading

Officially released!

As a reminder that Online Training Programs are now available, check out the press release! With the economy being in a slump, many people wouldn’t think this is a great time to catch up on trainings. However, these are an affordable solution to necessary trainings, such as Sexual Harassment. We wanted to push these products … Continue reading