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Employee Benefits Security Administration Eases New 403(b) Plan Reporting Requirements

Employee Benefits Security Administration Eases New 403(b) Plan Reporting Requirements Posted using ShareThis Advertisements

One more thing to add to the list

Remaining compliant with California laws and regulations isn’t easy. And Sexual Harassment Training is something you cannot afford to not comply with.  As stated by Attorneys, Fisher and Phillips: California employers with 50 or more employees must provide at least two hours of harassment avoidance training to all supervisors every two years. New or newly-promoted supervisors … Continue reading

Will your business feel the pinch?

The federal minimum wage is set to increase this Friday, July 24, 2009, as the job market continues to trickle. This increase of $0.70, going from $.655 to $7.25 heats up a controversial debate on the timing of this pay hike. According to some economists, “the wage hike is coming at the worst possible time and … Continue reading

$70,000 fine in this economy?

That’s right. A $70,000 fine is what OSHA will fine your business for not displaying the required Safety and Health poster.  This is just one instance in which you may be fined for not displaying mandatory postings in your workplace. There are many posting requirements that employers must comply with. In addition to the required … Continue reading

Inexpensive Ergonomics

In recent years, the importance of ergonomics has been strongly emphasized in relation to workers compensation and healthcare benefits. But lately it seems like the word “ergonomic” is in front of every office item you can possibly buy, from mouse pads to chairs to phone headsets. What exactly does “ergonomic” mean? The exact definition of … Continue reading