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HRM Best Practices Responds to Retirement Savings in Economic Crisis

Over 7 million employees and beneficiaries have account balances totaling more than $500 billion invested in Retirement Savings Plans. For the overwhelming majority of participants, their account balances represent the largest or second largest assets they will ever own. The major dollar amounts involved underscore the importance of human resource management responsibilities and fiduciary duties … Continue reading

Top Ten Mistakes New Business Owners Make

Many entrepreneurs follow the Phil Knight (of Nike, Inc.) philosophy of “Just Do It” when they begin new business ventures. While much can be said about the “courageous risk taker” approach to starting a business, some risk aversion is helpful. In reviewing Top 10 lists from a number of sources, we compiled the following as … Continue reading

Ideas for Low-Cost Morale Boosters

During this recent period of economic difficulty, one frequent question our clients have asked is “What can we do to boost staff morale without breaking the bank?” This is a great question at any time, but applies especially now as many companies have been through force reductions – which always affects morale. Below is a … Continue reading