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Connections in the Workplace

For many employees, the workplace serves as a social outlet – an oasis from what is going on in their non-work lives. In an informal poll of my friends, the workplace gives them the opportunity to have adult conversation, develop friendships and feel connected to something which is important. In today’s working world, employees spend … Continue reading

Onboard for the New Year

Many employers hold off on hiring during the busy holiday season, which results in many new hires beginning in January. This is the perfect time to revisit your company’s On-Boarding practices and ensure they meet your objectives. Properly welcoming new hires to your organization goes a long way towards making them feel part of the … Continue reading

Solutions for Your Resolutions

Many of us are working to establish our New Year’s Resolutions for 2012. Typically, these goals are of a personal nature; however, as a business owner, do you make New Year’s Resolutions for your business? This is a great time to reflect on the successes of your business and any challenges or shortcomings that the … Continue reading

2012 Changes That May Affect Take-Home Pay

As we close in on year end, we at MMC are looking forward to prepare for the changes in payroll that will occur in 2012. Although the numbers may seem small, they do impact your take home amounts overall. In 2011, we saw the California State Disability rate go to 1.2%. In 2012, it will … Continue reading

Trust but Verify

During his dealings with the Soviet Union, former President Ronald Reagan coined the term “Trust, but Verify.” It is not too difficult to decipher the meaning of this phrase and apply the concept to your company’s HR practices. A large part of the Human Resources function in an organization involves the on-boarding of new personnel. … Continue reading

The Importance of Trust in the Workplace

Many experts agree that trust is perhaps the most important element of a successful workplace. Companies whose employees trust them tend to have a more engaged workforce and a high efficiency work environment. On the flip side, organizations that have lost employee trust are not as successful. It is not uncommon in times of economic … Continue reading

Your Employee’s Benefit Allowance

Cost is always a major concern for employers at healthcare renewal time. How can you control costs while keeping up with the industry standards? There is a fine line between remaining competitive and offering too much; on the one hand you may lose employees to a competitor that offers something better, while on the other … Continue reading

Emphathizing With Your Workplace Family

Leaves of Absence (LOA) are a difficult area for employers to administrate as it directly involves their work community. Many times when an employee needs to take an extended period of time from work it is for a serious reason, so not only is the employee affected, but so is their workplace family. In other … Continue reading

The Importance of Benefits Education

Health insurance is an important benefit that adds great value to any compensation package. Although employees are more likely to focus on more “exciting” benefits, like vacation time or amusement park discounts, health insurance is an actual necessity. Unfortunately, it is generally only thought about when someone is sick, has an accident, or becomes pregnant. … Continue reading

Employee Well-Being in the Workplace

The concept of “employee well being” is not a new one, but it has seen a resurgence in interest with the challenges in the world in the last few years, and employee well being has been making its way to the top of company consciousness. This interest has many companies scrambling to develop a plan. … Continue reading

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