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Reflect on the Past, Look to the Future

Can it really be the end of 2012 already? Typically this is when planning for the upcoming year begins, whether it is as an individual, a manager or an organization.  Future planning is a very important activity as is setting goals, gathering resources and making determinations on the best way to get where you want … Continue reading

Summer Attendance

In a survey conducted by Harris Interactive and Kronos, Inc., a whopping 39% of full time employees have owned up to calling in sick to enjoy a day off during the summer months. As I am sure we can all guess, the most common days for one to be afflicted with these absences are Fridays … Continue reading

It’s Just a Harmless Basketball Pool……or is it?

“Gambling Addiction” is a term that is becoming more prevalent in today’s society. In previous generations this was not an addiction that was discussed or even known to have existed. As time has progressed, gambling has become an acceptable part of mainstream culture. Gambling, for a long time, was not seen as an addiction; many … Continue reading

Are Good Work Relations Similar To Successful Love Relations?

Have you ever considered relationship advice for nurturing romantic love interests is similar to advice you should heed in the workplace? One of the latest trends among career and business consultants is to compare the search for landing the “right” employment with searching for the “right” love partner. Is this comparison a leap? Below, we … Continue reading

Ideas for Low-Cost Morale Boosters

During this recent period of economic difficulty, one frequent question our clients have asked is “What can we do to boost staff morale without breaking the bank?” This is a great question at any time, but applies especially now as many companies have been through force reductions – which always affects morale. Below is a … Continue reading

Staff Reductions (Part 3): What Happens When The Ship Is Righted?

In this final installment of our Reduction in Force (“RIF”) articles, we focus on what happens afterwards.  One of the first items to deal with is managing the inevitable fall-out from the RIF. No matter how well planned or how economically justifiable, a RIF will emotionally jar remaining employees.  According to a recent study in … Continue reading

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