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Pride Over Passion?

“Good customer service is a must.  Organizational skills and excellent time management required for the  position.  Experience in the field is a plus.  Nights and weekends are expected.  College degree preferred.” In so many job postings, one might find that potential employers are seeking individuals who will exemplify pride in their work.  Additionally, any such … Continue reading

The Importance of Trust in the Workplace

Many experts agree that trust is perhaps the most important element of a successful workplace. Companies whose employees trust them tend to have a more engaged workforce and a high efficiency work environment. On the flip side, organizations that have lost employee trust are not as successful. It is not uncommon in times of economic … Continue reading

Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act – Tips for Employers

Recently there has been quite a bit of buzz surrounding the first employment related bill that President Obama signed into law, which was the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. While the bill did not create any new requirements for employers to follow but has effectively amended a number of existing regulations that will alter how … Continue reading

Staff Reductions (Part 3): What Happens When The Ship Is Righted?

In this final installment of our Reduction in Force (“RIF”) articles, we focus on what happens afterwards.  One of the first items to deal with is managing the inevitable fall-out from the RIF. No matter how well planned or how economically justifiable, a RIF will emotionally jar remaining employees.  According to a recent study in … Continue reading