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Navigating the Applicant Jungle

Every business owner or manager has been faced with the dilemma of needing to hire a new employee. The process alone might fill one with dread, as it can be quite daunting at times to figure out where to place the job ad, screen the resumes/applications submitted, narrow down the pool of qualified candidates and … Continue reading

Pride and the Performance Evaluation

The performance evaluation can be a sore subject when it comes to staff.  Managers often wait until evaluation time to address any problems their staff may have; this causes employees to feel blindsided and defensive instead of receptive to the feedback on the evaluation.  Other times, staff and management view the employee’s work performance at … Continue reading

Solutions for Your Resolutions

Many of us are working to establish our New Year’s Resolutions for 2012. Typically, these goals are of a personal nature; however, as a business owner, do you make New Year’s Resolutions for your business? This is a great time to reflect on the successes of your business and any challenges or shortcomings that the … Continue reading

The Importance of Trust in the Workplace

Many experts agree that trust is perhaps the most important element of a successful workplace. Companies whose employees trust them tend to have a more engaged workforce and a high efficiency work environment. On the flip side, organizations that have lost employee trust are not as successful. It is not uncommon in times of economic … Continue reading

Your Employee’s Benefit Allowance

Cost is always a major concern for employers at healthcare renewal time. How can you control costs while keeping up with the industry standards? There is a fine line between remaining competitive and offering too much; on the one hand you may lose employees to a competitor that offers something better, while on the other … Continue reading