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Tax Changes for 2013

  As 2012 comes to a close, we here at MMC annually review the changes in tax rates that are in store for the next year. Employees will be seeing a slight decrease to their pay checks in 2013, due to the following:   The government added a special Medicare tax to employees. They now … Continue reading

We’re Halfway to the Holiday Season…How’s Your Piggybank Looking?

June is a great month to step back and take a look at your finances. Since it’s midyear, you still have time to adjust your savings or taxes to meet your year-end target. Below are some tips for you to consider as you assess your personal goals. Midyear tax planning Is there an appropriate tax … Continue reading

Pride Over Passion?

“Good customer service is a must.  Organizational skills and excellent time management required for the  position.  Experience in the field is a plus.  Nights and weekends are expected.  College degree preferred.” In so many job postings, one might find that potential employers are seeking individuals who will exemplify pride in their work.  Additionally, any such … Continue reading

The Losing Bet – Gambling With Your Health

We all know someone who doesn’t have health insurance, whether it’s because they can’t afford it or because they choose to go without. Whatever the reason, they are taking the gamble – forced or by choice – that they won’t have an accident or be struck by a chronic illness. It’s a high stakes game … Continue reading