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Reflect on the Past, Look to the Future

Can it really be the end of 2012 already? Typically this is when planning for the upcoming year begins, whether it is as an individual, a manager or an organization.  Future planning is a very important activity as is setting goals, gathering resources and making determinations on the best way to get where you want … Continue reading

Worker Classification Investigations Gain Momentum

Currently, one of the fastest growing areas of litigation, including class action suits, is in the proper classification of workers as either employees or Independent Contractors. The dictionary defines an Independent Contractor as: a person who contracts to do work for another person according to his or her own processes and methods; the contractor is … Continue reading

We’re Halfway to the Holiday Season…How’s Your Piggybank Looking?

June is a great month to step back and take a look at your finances. Since it’s midyear, you still have time to adjust your savings or taxes to meet your year-end target. Below are some tips for you to consider as you assess your personal goals. Midyear tax planning Is there an appropriate tax … Continue reading

Your Employee’s Benefit Allowance

Cost is always a major concern for employers at healthcare renewal time. How can you control costs while keeping up with the industry standards? There is a fine line between remaining competitive and offering too much; on the one hand you may lose employees to a competitor that offers something better, while on the other … Continue reading

Emphathizing With Your Workplace Family

Leaves of Absence (LOA) are a difficult area for employers to administrate as it directly involves their work community. Many times when an employee needs to take an extended period of time from work it is for a serious reason, so not only is the employee affected, but so is their workplace family. In other … Continue reading

The Importance of Benefits Education

Health insurance is an important benefit that adds great value to any compensation package. Although employees are more likely to focus on more “exciting” benefits, like vacation time or amusement park discounts, health insurance is an actual necessity. Unfortunately, it is generally only thought about when someone is sick, has an accident, or becomes pregnant. … Continue reading

Employee Well-Being in the Workplace

The concept of “employee well being” is not a new one, but it has seen a resurgence in interest with the challenges in the world in the last few years, and employee well being has been making its way to the top of company consciousness. This interest has many companies scrambling to develop a plan. … Continue reading

Employee by Day, Entrepreneur by Night

In today’s economic climate, employers are facing the ever-increasing situation of employees taking on additional jobs outside of their full time employment. Many employers are encountering various issues with moonlighting and are left wondering what they can do to ensure they are getting the best from their employees as the primary employer. This can be … Continue reading

Crystal O’Brien Elected to Serve Regional Director of CCBA

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (August 24, 2009) – MMC, Inc.’s Labor and Employment Law Attorney, Crystal Miller-O’Brien, has been elected to serve as a (Southern California) Regional Director for the State Bar of California’s Conference of California Bar Associations. Numerous qualifications were met to initiate the 5-step election process. Ms. O’Brien has served on the board … Continue reading

One more thing to add to the list

Remaining compliant with California laws and regulations isn’t easy. And Sexual Harassment Training is something you cannot afford to not comply with.  As stated by Attorneys, Fisher and Phillips: California employers with 50 or more employees must provide at least two hours of harassment avoidance training to all supervisors every two years. New or newly-promoted supervisors … Continue reading